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How "Ad my Bin" keeps a city clean with brand promotion 

July 28th , 2019 | Joy Pansari

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan led to the formation

Back in 2014, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan had spread across the country when our PM started spreading the awareness on the importance of cleanliness. A lot of celebs, organizations, society groups, students of different colleges and schools had taken an initiative to clean up their surroundings and Society by brooming the area. But the problem was something else. The place use to be cleaned for a day or two but again it heap of garage accumulating. The problem was No/shortage of Bins placed inside the society. Its then Ad My Bin started its journey of keeping society clean and placing Dustbins in November 2014.

As the Swachh Bharat Mission had already created a mind space amongst people to keep the city clean but the resource (litter-bins) was missing, the idea was to fill this gap by building a self-sustainable model. Thus with this idea we started putting up litter-bins and advertising on top of it to cover up the cost of same. Founded by me (Joy Pansari), an automobile engineer from Bengaluru with 2 years of experience in automobile industry and Ankit Agarwal, a CA with 3 years of experience in Ernst & Young.


Well maintained bins for better surroundings

Ad My Bin not only provides a free of cost bins but also takes the responsibility of maintaining the bins, as we have faced that if the bins arent washed, cleaned and maintained properly then the amount of garbage found outside the bins are more than that of inside the bin as those bins are not in a usable condition due to various reasons including non-maintenance, breakage, stink or over filled. So we have created an impact among the society of providing clean Adbins, where waste are removed properly along with washing and cleaning of the Adbins. We have specifically selected the color of Adbins to be Yellow as inspired from movie PK – “Yellow color dur se bhi focus maarta hai”. Bright and yellow adbins are even visible from a distance. 

Ad My Bin currently has more than 1000+ installations in Kolkata and Jamshedpur. We are working with Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (Kolkata), South Dum Dum Municipality (Kolkata), Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Kolkata) and TATA Steel (JUSCO, Jamshedpur) currently. Also, we are expanding to Ranchi, Raipur and Bangalore very soon.


A growing story every day

We have branded for more than 40 clients across sectors including Shyam Steel, Lux Cozi, Indian Oil, Skipper Pipes, Baazar Kolkata, ILS Hospitals, Berger Paints to name a few.


The author of the story is Joy Pansari" of Ad My Bin and you can reach out to them at 

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