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Return & Refund Policy

This Policy on Refund will govern your Return & Refund for all service and payment on (“Website”)


Welcome to Inwaster

Inwaster provide platform on Waste Management with Wstories, article, Wlog, and many other services that enable people to connect, interact, discuss, debate with each other on various topics of Waste Management. Below are the various policy and terms document that govern your use of Inwaster and the other products, features, apps, services, technologies, and software we might offer from time to time on (including Inwaster Products or Products, if any), except where we expressly state that separate terms (and not these) apply. 

This return policy applies to all Services purchased directly from Inwaster. The policies are subject to change. Please visit our website to stay updated.This policy does not apply to any services that is taken from any of the business listed on the platform for which Inwaster is not responsible. Please speak to your WAssist Service provider regarding the return policy on service bought through WAssist services. 

Please Note: All tickets purchased for any of the paid WEvents or Wlearn session from our platform are not eligible for any refund. If you have booked a ticket for a WEvent or Wlearn session hosted by Inwaster on behalf of third parties, the refund policies will be governed by respective vendors. Please reach out to them or drop a note to get detail information for such refunds and cancellation.  But still, if you have a concern and will not be able to attend the WEvent / Wlearn session, drop us a note at and we will try to figure out, what best can be done for the same.

We work hard to ensure that every service meets your expectation. However, , if a service doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer another such session for all customers.


Changed your mind right after you placed an order? Drop us a note and we will have a work around for it at with the order number as the subject line.

Safe Credit/Cash Returns

Cash refunds are processed in two ways:

  • In case of Netbanking and debit/credit card payments, we process the refund into your assigned bank account.

  • Cash refunds will be processed in two weeks.


Have we left you in any doubt? For specific questions, get in touch with the Customer Care team. Email us at . We are happy to help.

Terms & Conditions

This Return Policy applies to all service mentioned above, purchased directly from Inwaster. The policies are subject to change. Please visit our website to stay updated.

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