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Composting: A habit which everyone should do at home

After I did some research on these issue, I came to know about the new innovations happening in the field of waste management and I felt the urge to connect with the amazing people, group and society playing their roles in this field. During this time I found out about the things that are happening across the globe and how people are trying to play their part to solve the basic problems of Waste.

This phase helped me to learn and unlearn a lot about Waste and the scenario existing in different parts of the world. I learnt that in India, the wet waste contributes to a major part of the total waste whereas in western countries, it is the dry waste that takes the major share. On further study, I came to know that wet waste can be converted into organic compost by a process called "composting". The organic compost is like a black gold and is very beneficial for the soil.

I came across a number of online videos to know how the process works in reality. I learned that we need a composter where one needs to keep the wet waste. I decided to carry out composting at home and placed an order online for composter. The immediate response that I received from my family was not very overwhelming but after they discovered that what I am up to, they were very supportive. I started keeping my wet waste in the composter daily and my first batch of compost was ready in around 3 months.

The composting journey was not as easy to start with, as it was shown in various YouTube video for me. But, after I got my black gold, it felt like a great achievement for me. The best part about the process was that its economical and very simple to carry out at home.

The wet waste in India accounts for around 60% of the total waste and it can be composted easily to get organic manure. This is no rocket science and can done with minimal guidance. It is high time that we connect to our mother earth and give it back what it needs to sustain the future.

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” —Mother Teresa


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