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Vanarsena turning surroundings into Beautiful Art Gallery 

February 24th , 2019 | Prasad Bhardwaja

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Be the person who brings the change

We all know that every social activity starts because of a feeling that 'I can contribute more to society. I can see wrong things happening or right things not happening. There is a lot that I can do. And I know, I can change the world. Mainly, this is mine and I will take care of this.'

Is this story of how Vanarsena started?


Actually, this is how most of us feel when we see the world around. We all want to be that person who brings the change. But, most of the times we don't know where to start. That's where 'Vanarsena' came in picture. 

We believe that everyone deserves a clean and beautiful world around. Cleaning the area is one way of doing it, and we see many groups doing it religiously. But, one thing we noticed was that people didn't stop littering the spot that was cleaned. The solution to tackle this was in Beautifying the place with the help of citizens around. That would not only make the place look good, but also involve everyone in the beautification and in return everyone would also get appreciation. Most importantly everyone would then consciously take the ownership for keeping the place clean and beautiful.

Vanarsena core team.jpg

A canvas full of artists from various fields

Vanarsena decided to be a bridge between the people who wanted to bring a change and those looking for opportunities to contribute, and between people who have not yet dared to.

7 artists, limitless vision, artistic perspective and unending desire to make a difference. Thats who Vanarsena is!

Having pursued our careers in various fields in the corporate world for almost a decade, we decided to come together not just to satisfy our creative needs but with a belief and conviction that we can make a difference. Every day we see situations and things where change is needed, but our aim is not just to make the change but to do that with the main aim of spreading happiness.

We are using 'Art' as a tool to bring about a positive change in a constructive manner; for every individual connected and also for society at large.


Art gives hope and brings positivity

Every place, community, surrounding has its own challenges, requirements and solutions. 

We believe that every color, every visual and every message on the wall will bring in a positive change not only in the ambience but also in the people around it. And when you are one of the creators of that graffiti, it is the proudest moment for every participant. It is not only brings in a sense of satisfaction for the people but also brings in the sense of responsibility for the beautiful environment they helped create. And then they maintain it like their own home.


Till date, we have worked with many different types of people, from differently abled kids at Apang Kalyankary Sanstha to inmates at the Yerwada prison, and at different locations, from a small society wall to the entire Pimpri station.

This journey would have been incomplete without all the artist friends who are connected with us. Everyone is taking out time from his/her own life to turn this world into an art gallery. We are honored to be connected with 75+ artists who have worked with 100s of enthusiastic people and converted 1000s of square feet of walls into beautiful masterpieces.

Vanrsena believes; 

Art is essence of life, Art is for everyone, Art connects human, Art gives hope and brings positivity.


The author of the story is “Prasad Bhardwaja of Vanarsena and you can know more about them on

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