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Waste Unwrap

The Inwaster Podcast

Episode 3 Raising Earth-Friendly Kids

Hey everyone! Welcome to our third episode on "Raising Earth-Friendly Kids" as your host Puja unwrap waste, one layer at a time

All of us, each and every one of us, shares one living force in common - our mother earth. If you’ve ever wondered why we call our planet Mother, its worth looking at the relationship our Indigenous or Adivasi population has fostered for millions of years with any piece of land they come in contact with. This close knit relationship is nurtured with immense love and care, the kind mothers are known to share with their children. Having celebrated Mother’s Day this month, let’s also celebrate and give back to our wondrous Mother Earth as she looks after us, looks out for us, and sustains us every day.

In this  episode we share with you

  •  Inspiring stories of raising Earth - friendly kids and giving back to Mother Earth

  •  latest waste management news and updates

  •  Moving to Cloth Diapers for kids AND 

  •  real life real time solutions for Sustainable Parenting

Relevant links below 

So wherever you are in your waste management/zero waste journey - write to us your questions, suggestions and feedback to help us continue informing, inspiring and innovating with our community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waste Unwrap is a production of Inwaster and hosted by Puja Mehta

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