Waste lying in Dump yard crying for help

Waste lying in dump yard crying for help.. The day was the same like any other day. I was taking my breakfast and looking for a cab on my phone at the same time. As the waiting time was long, I decided to walk down the street to reach the crossing where I could a hire a metered cab instead. As I crossed the street, the first thing that caught my sight was a bare-bodied rag-picker trying to segregate some stuff from a pile of waste. The pile was quite huge and it looked like a complete mix of all sorts of household wastes that get discarded on a daily basis. Next day, I went passed the same street and I found him in his own selfless state. It appeared to be his daily routine. It seemed ironi

Composting: A habit which everyone should do at home

After I did some research on these issue, I came to know about the new innovations happening in the field of waste management and I felt the urge to connect with the amazing people, group and society playing their roles in this field. During this time I found out about the things that are happening across the globe and how people are trying to play their part to solve the basic problems of Waste. This phase helped me to learn and unlearn a lot about Waste and the scenario existing in different parts of the world. I learnt that in India, the wet waste contributes to a major part of the total waste whereas in western countries, it is the dry waste that takes the major share. On further study,

Food Waste:A growing problem with simple solution

It is a lesser known fact that in a country like India, the food waste (Wet waste) contributes around 60% of the daily waste. The amount of food waste becomes all the more high during summer when we consume lot of fruits like mango, watermelon, etc. Food waste has its own natural process to decompose and this is a major reason why our waste starts smelling bad in the next few hours if we are unaware about it. Some morning when the waste collector does not come to collect the waste, it becomes a breeding place for a lot of flies. This is also the situation of the waste that has been lying at dump yard without any proper management. We tend to be satisfied when we accumulate all the waste of

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