Lets Talk Plastic Waste

Plastic waste problems are growing worldwide and its non-degrading nature for years leads to polluting the soil and environment around us. If proper care is not taken to recycle plastic, it makes life difficult for all forms of species and we human are no exception to it. It becomes our responsibility to reduce our consumption of single use plastics and if the reduction is not possible, try to reuse those plastic products and recycling should be our last solution. Our human behaviour is only going bad to worse with the amount of plastic we generate in our daily life We attempt to list 5 ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Plastic we generate Reduce Plastic Waste 1. Carry your own water bottle to

Our Green Experience with Yuvathon'18

We were happy and proud at the same time, that we got our first chance with Yuvathon'18, to make the event, a happy experience for the environment and surroundings as well. Inwaster was engaged as the Green Initiative partner and our task was to manage the Waste at the event where the runners were expected to be in thousands. It all started in the morning @5:30 AM with the huge set up all around Vivekananda Park in Kolkata, West Bengal. We were pumped up with excitement and nervousness at the same time when we saw the atmosphere around. The running track was set for a 5km run and 2km fun ride We got into business and set bins and team all around the park and the running track. It all started

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