Lets Upcycle Fabric Waste

Recycling is when the fabric / cloth waste is broken back into its original form and used again for production of anything out of the recovered material.India is a country with people of different cultural background and community. Clothing is treated differently in India. Clothing is rarely discarded. Instead, it is frequently reused for both the domestic and global markets. Recycling of textiles was a domestic craft in India but currently there are textile clusters and small scale industries to work on second hand imported clothing and create a range of products like recycled yarns, doormats, prayer rugs, blankets and bed linen which are created out of recycle fabrics. Upcycling on the oth

Lets Reuse Fabric Waste

Clothes are made of fabric, which has endless possible uses. If you’ve grown tired of some clothes or you have clothes that don't fit, you can repurpose them rather than throwing them away. By turning clothes into different garments, making keepsakes with them or using them to create home décor, you’ll never let good clothes go to waste again. In old days, it was very common to reuse old or outgrown clothes at home in different ways. I have seen my grandmother making grocery bags from old pants or jeans or school uniforms. Skirt out of pants and jeans. Baby frock from shirts, sarees. Mats and bags are very common products that were made from old clothes. Now a days, people are getting away f

Lets Reduce Fabric Waste

Did you know that we produce 2.1 billion tons of waste annually worldwide? Of this, it's projected that we'll generate 60% more clothing and textile waste by 2030 over 2015. However, we can work together to reduce this type of waste. What is causing an increase fabric/cloth waste? As consumers, we continue to increase our fast fashion purchases and we're spending less time owning the clothing that we buy to keep up with the most recent fashion trends. Fast fashion is when retailers provide consumers with the latest trends at a lower price and sometimes made with lower quality materials. This leads to us throwing out our clothing at a faster rate than previous generations. What can be done to

Lets Talk Fabric Waste

Fabric waste is the material that is deemed unusable for its original purpose by the owner. Fabric waste can include fashion and textile waste, created during fibre, textile and clothing production and consumer waste, created during consumer use and disposal. These days we often live in a wasteful society. Many homes, textiles factories, shops, boutique, tailor shops ends up disposing lot of waste clothes and fabrics even though they are reusable. Textile is an environmentally damaging process. Textiles consume vast quantities of natural resources like water, oil and land. They use toxic chemicals and generate large amount of carbon dioxide. We would be astonished to note that Fabric / Text

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