Lets Know about Plastic Types

All the plastic products we buy have the recycling symbol on them. This symbol shows that the plastic item can be recycled. Most of the time, the symbol has a number inside it. This number is a code the helps recyclers to sort the used products, by the type of plastic polymer it is made from. In serial order or the recycling codes, the plastics are, PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, Polystyrene, Others. Let us learn more about the different types of plastics, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE): Plastic bags, straws, water bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, etc. are made from this plastic. This plastic is considered to be “safe” as it is BPA free. It has made our lives very easy and convenie

Waste Management Pyramid - A way towards Zero Waste Living

Zero is such an important invention. Zero adds significant importance and value to the entire number system. Then how about Zero and Waste brought together? That is Zero Waste. “Zero Waste” is a habit, more a personal habit that wants us to live with literally zero waste. But, is it possible? Why not? Yes, of course possible. In fact, it is the need of today. And, the waste management pyramid is a pathway towards it. Oh, wait! Waste management pyramid? Sounds something unusual, right? Yeah! Because we all only heard about Egypt pyramids. So, let’s first see what is this waste management pyramid. It’s a pyramid-shaped structure that defines the hierarchy of guidelines to manage the waste. Thi

"Zero Waste Bazaar" in Kolkata for our "Zero Waste LifeStyle"

We had a chance to visit "Zero Waste Bazaar last Sunday, 13th October, as the bazaar was formally opened for all environment lover in Kolkata. The founder (Lata Bhatia) of the store was very enthusiastic and eager about her dream venture and that showed in her energy in welcoming all at the venue. Every one in Kolkata was talking problems and this made her determined to work on solution for the past 2 years and here we are with her solution. "I am extremely happy that I was able to start this store finally and can be part of providing waste solutions" - Lata Bhatia The store has a varied range of cutlery which will acts as a solution to single use plastic that are choking our environment eve

River Ganga Clean-up Drive - One Ghat At A Time

Bouddi Solutions along with its local partner and catalyser Y-East have been organising a clean-up and awareness drive at River Ganges every Sunday which started from 1st Sep, 2019. Lochie Burke (Founder, Bouddi Solutions) is committed to contribute 50% of their profit for cleaning the world major river and they have started with the River Ganges in Kolkata. It is interesting to note that waste pollution in river Ganges is responsible for increase in death numbers of sea creature every year. This initiative would help in stoping the waste in entering the river and saving thousands of sea life. Pauline Laravoire (Founder, Y-East and Sustainability Director at Techno India Group) sounds positi

Alternatives Available for Banned items

Over the years, plastic and styrofoam products have shaped our lifestyle. Plastic is cheap, convenient to use, and durable, this has made it very popular in our common day to day lives. However, it is too durable to be discarded. All this plastic is polluting our resources. Thus, finding a replacement to single use plastic is the need of the hour. Indian Government has taken initiatives to ban the use of single use plastic. Finding a replacement to plastic, that does not harm the environment yet offers same level of convenience, can be a task. So, we have put together a list of options to replace most common single use plastic items: Plastic Cutlery: There are a lot of sturdy, biodegradable

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