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An 'Educator' spreads awareness on better Waste Management

November 22nd , 2019 | Suchismitra Basu

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Everyone can do whatever is possible for awareness

I have been an educator for a little more than a decade and my journey of being an environment activist is fairly new. It started with an epiphany that I need to spread awareness about the small things I do in my everyday life to preserve the environment. 

Not everyone becomes an entrepreneur or an environment crusader, but each one of us can do whatever is possible in the very least in our everyday lives.

We cannot talk about being eco-friendly, environment conscious and sustainable if we do not know how to manage the current resources (or dispose them for that matter). For example, we talk about not using plastic; awesome right? But the bigger question at hand is what should we do with all the plastic that is there in our homes, offices, everywhere. There is no foolproof solution to managing waste, but we can start small.


Workshop and activities for awareness

I spread environmental awareness via my nonprofit organization One Earth Social Initiative by conducting workshops and activities in schools, colleges and corporates.

Waste management is a huge part of this awareness workshop where we talk about household waste management techniques such as compost, up-cycling pre-packed grocery packages, cooking oil cans etc.

We plan on providing customized solutions via this initiative starting as early as December 2019 since each family / individual uses and resources are not same. 

We also would start approaching housing societies to conduct waste management and environmental awareness workshops and provide free compost starter kits and setting up segregated waste collection centres for fabrics, plastic cans / bottles etc which our volunteers would collect and turn them into something useful.


Handcrafted upcycled products by rural women

I also have an humble start-up Earthly Sienna where we teach rural women to create various handcrafted products and package in eco-friendly packaging and sell on online as well as offline platforms.

Here we also make various up-cycled articles such as cloth bags (from leftovers collected from tailors and local boutiques), car perfume pouches (these are made from essential oils and void of any chemicals).

We also customize up-cycled bags for people who bring in their old garments to give them a new life!

We also collect left-over concrete from building constructions to make beautiful candle holders, coasters and succulent pots.


The author of the story is Suchismitra Basu, Founder-Director of Little Papillons you can reach out to her at

InwasteR is only a platform to share WaStory and the views and experience are purely of the author.

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