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Lets Talk Plastic Waste

Plastic waste problems are growing worldwide and its non-degrading nature for years leads to polluting the soil and environment around us. If proper care is not taken to recycle plastic, it makes life difficult for all forms of species and we human are no exception to it. It becomes our responsibility to reduce our consumption of single use plastics and if the reduction is not possible, try to reuse those plastic products and recycling should be our last solution. Our human behaviour is only going bad to worse with the amount of plastic we generate in our daily life

We attempt to list 5 ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Plastic we generate

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Reduce Plastic Waste

1. Carry your own water bottle to refill and drink water instead of buying plastic water bottles outside

2. Carry your own coffee mug to drink Tea / Coffee instead of using a disposal cups in office / outside

3. Rent cutleries for party / functions instead of using disposals

4. Carry your own cloth /jute bag while going out for shopping instead of taking stuffs in plastic bags

5. Say no to plastic straws and drink your juice with steel / bamboo straws (if provided)

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Reuse Plastic Waste

1. Reuse Pet bottles for watering plants around your terrace garden or plant pots

2. Reuse plastic bags for shopping vegetables / fruits purpose as many times we can

3. Reuse plastic containers to get items / groceries refilled

4. Reuse plastic bottles to keep non-consumable items

5. Reuse plastic decoration accessories like packing papers for more parties / events

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Recycle Plastic Waste

1 Plastic poly bags can be recycled into plastic folders, mat, other useful products (DIY videos available online)

2. Plastic can be recycled back into granules which can be used to make products like bucket, mug, etc

3. Plastic waste can be recycled into polyester which can be then used in making various products

4. Plastic waste can be recycled into poly fuel which can be used as a substitute to kerosene oil

5. Plastic waste can be recycled into making roads which are much harder and last longer.

We have just listed a few and there are a lot more options available for the 3R's to the plastic waste.

Please feel free to share your R's to plastic waste with us.

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