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Use Cloth Bags instead of Plastic Bags

Plastic carry bags is harmful for environment.

it's a Non-Biodegradable(which will not decompose) made up of polymer chemicals. We only read that it will take 500/1000/1500 yrs, but not sure about it. It only photo-degrades, means in contact to sunlight it simply breaks into smaller pieces.

When it is burnt, it emits harmful chemicals, toxic gases, which are harmful for us and environment too.

Plastic carry bags make their way into rivers, lakes, oceans. The small microplastics cause number of problems for our ecosystem.

Recycling of the used plastic carry bags is not a reliable option as it needs more energy to convert into new items.

We should understand that we have only One Mother Earth who fulfills all our basic needs, if we don't take care of it we will be suffering about it in future.

On the platform of our own Ngo, Ashay Social Group(Reg, Oct 2015), this is our first project.

Avoid Plastic Carry bags and Use Cloth Bags:-

We ask for the old used sarees, dupattas, blouse pieces etc, get stitched cloth bags from it with help of my team workers in Bhusawal(who get micro employment through this).

Cloth bags are reusable, durable options. We just distribute these cloth bags to the people of our society. When it's a gift, we care for it.

We encourage people to use the cloth bags and help them understand why to go for it. Explain if we say No to one plastic carry bag in one day,

If one person can manage, we can think about lakhs of people around us.

This is just a small step for the betterment of our next generation and to save our environment.

Share your idea towards better environment with us at

I only feel angry when I see waste

When I see people throwing away,

things we could use

- Mother Teresa

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