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A family working together for a better and sustainable environment

October 14th , 2020 | Priyanka Sarda

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The idea of our solution

The idea of Thermowaste Solution had its origin in Micro Gartex Industries (Authorized Plastic & Thermocol Recycler in Delhi NCR), where the second generation of the family realized the importance of recycling of thermoplastics like Thermocol (Expandable Polystyrene) and Plastic bags (LDPE) and its environmental impact. 

In 2019, the sister-brother duo understood the importance of awareness among common people about plastic recycling and waste management. According to Bhagyashree Jain the statistics related to global plastic recycling would have been opposite if people were aware of the problems and solutions of waste management.


Rag-pickers are key players for bringing change 


Talking about statistics; The world produces more than 400 million tons of plastic every year and the broad majority of plastic products are deemed as not recyclable.

According to the United Nations, around 79% of plastic waste is tossed in dumps, landfills, or the environment, whereas about 12% is burned and only 9% is actually being recycled.

In an recent interview to Institute for Industrial Development (Incubator working for Govt. of India) Sanyam Jain focused on how small and medium enterprises like Micro Gartex Industries can and are already making big impacts on the problem of waste management.

In the recent years, governments, pollution control boards, corporates, NGOs and social entrepreneurs started taking charge of it and have been making considerable impact.

It is very important to understand the unorganised sector and to nurture it. Solution to this mismanagement is only possible if efforts are made from the grassroots level, and only an organised network of rag-pickers (primarily working for unorganised market) can help us in bringing a real change.


Lets aim to become more sustainable

Shanti Lal Jain, a social entrepreneur and founder of Micro Gartex Industry knew the mantra of collaborating the unorganised sector of rag-pickers with the organised recycling industry. He knew how to extract best results by using the best of both world

After months of research & development and experiments Mr. Shanti Lal Jain understood that a recycling facility could be made self sufficient only if both industrial waste management and residential waste management goes hand in hand.


By 2019, he managed to make his business self sufficient and now it was ready for expansion and changes. In 2019 both Bhagyashree & Sanyam joined their dad and founded Thermowaste Solution under the banner of Micro Gartex Industry. 

Since then Micro Gartex Industry has been able to scale up to recycling of 1,00,000 kg of plastic waste every month through its 3 facilities working for 7 major cities. Thermowaste Solutions is increasing its network day by day. It has collaborated with giants like Whirlpool India, MohanMeakins Ltd, Surindra Packaging, IPCA, Recykal, and many more. The company aims to lead by example and demonstrate ways in which all companies can become more sustainable.

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The author of the story is Priyanka Sarda" and you can know more about Thermowaste Solutions at 

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