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"Tiny things" in life makes big impact towards environment

September 15th , 2023 | Nandita

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A Bit about both the mothers

I grew up in a small town Bareilly and moved to Delhi for Higher studies. I have worked as a news anchor in Leading national News channels for 15 Years.

On the other hand, my co-founder, Bhavna was Born and brought up in Delhi. She has worked in the aviation industry as a flight attendant for over 5 years and have also been a teacher at a kindergarten for more than 3 years.  

When I became a mother myself, I realised there is no end to buying stuff for kids. With more and more kids specific brands in the market, people have a variety to choose from.  

Interestingly for us, our husbands have been friends from kindergarten . Once Bhavna moved to Noida 8 years back I met her and there was an instant connect! We would spend time discussing the problems that all moms face of what to do with the stuff that the kids have out grown. How things are so expensive and children outgrow them in size and interest in no time. We would swap toys, discuss space crunch issues in flats and the bigger plastic issue that hits our daily life 



Idea about thrifting kids product

Having spent a good amount of money and all the emotional attachment we have with the kids things, we as a parents become hoarders, or wait for another baby of similar age in friends and family to pass those on. Sometimes its passed on to an NGO or to our domestic help, but mostly to a dumpyard.This actually is quite dangerous as these, sparingly used items, land up in the landfills and add to the carbon footprints.

When I discussed this with Bhavna, we realised that we, as mothers, are comfortable in using second hand products for our kids, as long as the condition is up to the mark. We actually do exchanges between friends and family. It solves the purpose and also helps us save some money.

Facing all these issues, in 2020 right when the pandemic hit us and we needed more stuff to entertain and educated and engage our children we created our small community of re-sellers to bring together parents who would want to buy and sell their babys products.and started our Facebook shop.

This informal idea led to a full fledged business where parents could buy and sell their kids stuff hassle free. An end to end solution which is tech savvy and easy.We started engaging with our close community of parents and we started cross selling and buying.We put our heads and hearts together and ADIEURABLE was conceived 

But, we wanted to reach everyone and our target audience is Tier 1/2/3 so we realised that it would be difficult to remember Adieurable and we came up with Tinythings ( easy to spell & remember) .


Smooth process for thrift shopping for moms

We both being mother understand some basic of the kids products and have put in some do's and don't for our model

Dos - Deal with only those products that we would personally choose for our kids. 

Don'ts - The whole process has to be convenient to mothers and match their standards (which are pretty high, when it comes to their kids)

What makes us different is that we make the buying and selling process simple ,transparent and organised.We give free doorstep pick up (DELHI/NCR Only),as well as free shipping (Pan India) to our shoppers. We also ensure quality control by collecting -inspecting -cleaning and sanitising and then reselling making TinyThings a trusted platform.We want our community to embrace this  new way of shopping for their kids

We are glad that people are opening up to this concept and trusting us This system has personally made my life easier and we are happy that the community is growing. 


The author of the story is Nandita, founder of TinyThings’ and you can read more about them

InwasteR is only a platform to share WaStory and the views and experience are purely of the author.

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