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Trashy Sisters Talking Trash to Make it Mainstream

June 7th , 2018 | Vidhi

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Starting from my own home

My name is Vidhi. I'm a freelancer French Teacher & Sustainability Content Creator. I started my journey to Earth Friendly Living around 5 years ago. It began with a material purchase of a menstrual cup that I found 'cute & useful' . As I learnt more, I realized the amount of non-recycable trash that comes JUST from our menstrual cycle. This got me into the field as I explored different types of waste we generate on a daily basis and how that trash is not only impacting the planet's health, but also our own.

My prime motivation to pursue this interest was the doability of this lifestyle. There are many aspects of climate change that we can't control personally. On the other hand, there's a WHOLE LOT that we can do starting today. How the saying goes “start from home” this page is all about what I do to reduce our carbon footprint starting from my own home.


Content for trash we hoard at home

There are certainly more people joining the Sustainability Movement everyday. When I started there were only around 1000 posts on the hashtag #zerowasteindia. Now there are almost 30k examples of people following this journey. Apart from that there's an influx of sustainable products in the market at much more affordable prices (like bamboo toothbrushes, vegan meat etc). This has made it a lot easier to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle today.


I usually talk about the kind of trash people don't know what to do with and are hoarding in their homes. For example, what to do with old/torn clothes, how to repurpose Used Cooking Oil, worn-out footwear etc. Apart from that I also have people sending in requests for reels related to trash they've hoarded up, such as expired products. So I do my best to make trash related and relevant content for my audience.

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Dream for a better tomorrow

If you notice around you, there are some significant  impacts from environmental issues such as climate change. Not just within me, but in people around me. We all tend to fall sick much more easily these days. The extreme temperatures have altered our temperament as well. The Delhi pollution makes us cough all day. Climate change is not just impacting the environment, but also our health.


Not sure if I can change the climate in my lifetime. But hoping to make more Trashy Sisters, to continue our sustainability legacy. Hoping that one of us gets to see the planet we all dream of while we pick random pieces of trash in the dirt.


The author of the story is “Vidhi" of Trashy Sisters and you can reach out to her through her insta handle @trashysisters

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