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Waste Unwrap

The Inwaster Podcast

Episode 2 Our Earth Our Responsibility

Hey everyone! Welcome to our second episode on "Our Earth Our Responsibility" as your host Puja unwrap waste, one layer at a time

This podcast is a medium to reach out to all of you and share Innovation happening around us, amazing stories of change in Waste Management that will be an Inspiration for all of us and most importantly real life real time solutions and discussion that may Interest all of us to take a step towards a better environment

It is our collective and individual responsibility…. To preserve and tend to the world in which we all live in” - Dalai Lama 

Our earth is our home and it houses some of the most beautiful heritage sites. Have you ever wondered why these historical sites are preserved by global bodies such as UNESCO? Because they transcend national borders and carry immense value for all of humanity. These glorious sites remind us that we are the custodians of our home - our planet - which asks for only one simple thing in return. To take care of it. To nurture it. To preserve it.

In this  episode we share with you

  •  two inspiring stories of keeping our Earth clean

  •  latest waste management news and updates

  •  Book recommendation AND 

  •  real life real time solutions for trash-less tour

Find relevant links below


Waste Warriors (Read more about her at Anand Malligavad (Read more about him at

Latest waste management news and updates (Read more about WNews at

Our book recommendation by Sahar Mansoor (Read more about her at

Real life real time solutions for Trash-less Tour (Read more at our Wlog

Tell us how you are taking care of our wonderful planet, what are you doing to protect itDrop a note at

So wherever you are in your waste management/zero waste journey - write to us your questions, suggestions and feedback to help us continue informing, inspiring and innovating with our community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waste Unwrap is a production of Inwaster and hosted by Puja Mehta

You can also listen our podcast on your favourite platform (Link below)

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