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"We Mean to Clean" involves all for a better surroundings

April 27th , 2019 | Jayant Sethi

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Cleanliness is the basic habit and need of life

Cleanliness is considered to be a very basic and important part of every creature’s life. It has been taught to us Indians since ancient times. However, with time the significance seems to have faded away. After India’s independence we have made progress on various fronts as a country but one of the areas we lag behind is cleanliness. We sit back wanting to be pampered and expect the government to do everything for us whilst our contribution is negative. We demand our rights but forget our duties.

The inception of WE MEAN TO CLEAN, Delhi was with this very thought that we as responsible citizens must fulfil our duties towards our country and towards our environment rather than complaining to the government or about the government. The idea of We Mean To Clean was to make people aware and involve the community to bring about a positive change in terms of cleanliness.

The group came into existence on On 2 October 2014 with people from various walks of life displaying enthusiasm towards this cause. The group not only has MNC professionals but also college students, teachers, lawyers and even college students.

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Trees plantation to control air pollution

The group began with spot-fixes in different parts of Delhi NCR region. In spot-fixes, the group would choose a public space which is a victim of open garbage dumping. The group would then neatly transform it by clearing the garbage, using artwork, wall paintings etc. The group would also engage the locals of the area to spread awareness among them about cleanliness and better environment and how they can contribute to a better India. The group transformed places across Uttam Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Saket, Noida etc.

As the group progressed they realized realized that the problem of air pollution, especially in India and more so in Delhi NCR, is extremely severe. After consultation with some experts the group concluded it was due to the reducing native tree cover in the region ven as the ornamental species were being planted aggressively. The group then decided to plant native Indian/ Delhi trees in the region, which include peepal, banyan, amaltas, neem, imli, jamun, baheda, chamrod etc. While trees act as a natural carbon sink, native trees also help maintain ecological balance. The group planted over 1,100 native trees in 2018 monsoon and is watering them on a weekly basis.

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Clean campaign lead to Waste Management

The concept of cleanliness in a city would be incomplete without the aspect of waste management. The group realizes this and a lot of their own volunteers are composting their kitchen waste. They utilize the same compost to nourish their native tree saplings. The group has also began conducting waste segregation workshops across different residential areas in the city. So far they have recieved a positive response as they are able to convince people that waste managementis vital to ensure a clean, green and healthy environments for ourselves and future generations.

The group’s main motive is to create awareness among masses to bring about a positive change by community-driven action.

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The author of the story is Jayant Sethi" of "We Mean To Clean" and you can reach out to the team at 

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