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Our Green Experience with Yuvathon'18

We were happy and proud at the same time, that we got our first chance with Yuvathon'18, to make the event, a happy experience for the environment and surroundings as well. Inwaster was engaged as the Green Initiative partner and our task was to manage the Waste at the event where the runners were expected to be in thousands.

It all started in the morning @5:30 AM with the huge set up all around Vivekananda Park in Kolkata, West Bengal. We were pumped up with excitement and nervousness at the same time when we saw the atmosphere around. The running track was set for a 5km run and 2km fun ride

Saurav & Vivek (Dance India Dance Fame)

We got into business and set bins and team all around the park and the running track. It all started with Saurabh & Vivek (Dance India Dance Fame) setting the stage with Zumba and getting the runners ready for the fun. The Yuvathon'18 was flagged off under "Fit Yuva Hit Yuva" by the respected dignatories of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Tollygunge (Organisers) along with Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, North Howrah (Co-Organisers).

Once the runners came back , they were awarded with medals and the top 3 runners were given the trophy from respective Chief Guests of the events. There were also Health sessions provided at the venue. Food Packets were distributed to all the runners and we made sure that all the discarded waste was collected properly in respective bins. We also made a lot of people aware about the benefits of waste segregation and proper recycling system which is the need for every events. We collected Pet bottles, cartoons, Food box and other wrappers properly and made sure that the park was kept more or less clean during the event.

Runners with Organising Team

We were also provided with token of appreciation for managing the Waste for the event and we are thankful to the team for the same. Once all the runners and crowd left the spot, we made sure to pick every bit of waste from the ground and running tracks around and collect it in the recyclable bags. All the waste were properly collected and sent to various vendors for recycling. We appreciate that the crowd was equally cooperative about throwing stuffs in the designated bins apart from a very few which made our task a little easier.

We are proud of ourself and the team to manage waste for our first such event pretty well apart from a few things which could have been done better and we learnt a lot from the event which can be used for such future events.

Token of Appreciation

Lesson learnt and to be implemented in our next set of events -

- We have to start educating people to use reusable cutlery for such big events, wherever possible

- Provide a 5 minute awareness talk to everyone to make segregation and recycling a complete success

- Collect left over food / snacks and make an arrangement for providing to the needy ones instead of wasting

- Keep more team members to make many people aware during the events

- Avoid any items which are difficult to recycle

-Provide accessories like gloves to rag pickers for waste pick up

We would also like to thank Mr. Sumit Kothari, Secretary of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Tollygunge for providing us with this opportunity to make their event a greener one. A special mention to Mr. Vineet Kothari, without whose support, we could not have done this in such a shot turnaround time.

Dignatories of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad & Mr.Vineet Kothari

Mr Sumit Kothari

We left Vivekananda Park with no waste around the area of event and we can take a bit of credit for the same.

It was a foundation stone to many more events that we wish to manage in future and let environment breathe fresh air.

Please do let us know what you think about the do's and don't for an event to make it environment friendly.

Drop your thoughts at our email address

"Lets Keep Our Surroundings Clean

And Make Our Environment Green"


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