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Gift of Love to All on this Women's Day

This Women Day when marketeers are busy capturing our imaginations with beautiful advertisements, flash sales and huge discounts, I take this opportunity to pen down my experience of one of the best gift for a women. Not many women know about it, neither did I. I dread periods and the associate pain and discomfort. But, it seems a little more simpler now with menstrual cup. Take down your two minutes to read what I share.

In 2014, I was working on a project where sanitary napkins were promoted and sold in rural areas of Gujarat. The major challenge faced by women was of disposing the used pads. Their usual practice with cloth was to wash them after use and dry them under the sun. This was more convenient to them then disposing a used pad in a dustbin. Our aim was to find solutions for disposal of the pads to promote our product. I came across innovations like electric incinerators, terracotta incinerator ‘Ashudhinashak’ and menstrual cups. Cups did catch me with their immense benefits and I was inclined to experiment. With few unsuccessful attempts I had to give up until few years later, my friend who was a cup user herself guided me to get it right. And yes, I got it right and since then never turned back to pads.

I am an advocate of menstrual cups. It’s been 3 years; I have been using cups and I can’t be more glad to this innovation. Not only it provided me comfort and pad free periods but also helped me reduce my waste to larger extent (check wlog for more details). As a woman, I got gift of ease and comfort and nature was gifted with less of my sanitary waste. I had started my journey of sustainable and happy period.

I share here to reach out to other women who haven’t experienced this beauty ever. It might not be true for everyone but trying and experimenting doesn’t harm either.
Source: Pinterest

If it works in your favor, you are blessed with a win-win game where benefits are achieved:

- By you : Comfort and no expenses on buying of sanitary pads month on month,

- By nature: No more plastic and blood laden pads in landfills and

- By people: No more waste pickers to deal with unhygienic pads.

If it doesn’t work out for you, don’t worry, it isn’t that expensive. So, dread not experimenting because with ‘great risks comes higher returns’.

This women's day gift yourself, your planet and your people some love!

Let's share the word to reach out to as many as possible!

Happy Women's Day! 😊

Hello Readers. I am Anjali Choudhary. I started my sustainability journey in 2018 and since then experimenting with sustainable alternatives.

I am a Composting & Gardening enthusiast and conducted number of online/ offline sessions for Composting and Sustainable Living. I am a development professional with a MBA from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA).

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