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Lets Reuse Fabric Waste

Clothes are made of fabric, which has endless possible uses. If you’ve grown tired of some clothes or you have clothes that don't fit, you can repurpose them rather than throwing them away. By turning clothes into different garments, making keepsakes with them or using them to create home décor, you’ll never let good clothes go to waste again. In old days, it was very common to reuse old or outgrown clothes at home in different ways. I have seen my grandmother making grocery bags from old pants or jeans or school uniforms. Skirt out of pants and jeans. Baby frock from shirts, sarees. Mats and bags are very common products that were made from old clothes. Now a days, people are getting away from these things. But to make a clean and green environment, you can try some simple repurpose of old clothes instead of just throwing those away.

  1. Restyle the clothes - If a piece of clothing has gone out of style, you can try updating it to a more current look that is in fashion. Embellishments such as zippers, studs, and glitter can jazz up a tired shirt or skirt and turn it into something new.If the hems of your pants are frayed, but they still fit you well, try cropping them into shorts. You could also turn a long skirt into a shorter skirt or a T-shirt to a crop-top or a shirt to a baby frock.

  2. Use Old Clothes to make a new Accessory - Use the fabric from your old clothes to cover a cloth headband, for example, or use thin strips of multiple fabrics to braid a bracelet or necklace. Turning an old T-shirt into a stylish tote bag is easy, too.

  3. Use for Gift Wrapping - You can use your fabric to wrap the gifts. Japanese use fabric to wrap gift. This is a common practice in Japan. This is their traditional method of gift wrapping.

  4. Create Home Decor - Recreate your old clothes into lovely home decor. You can convert your sarees into beautiful curtains, bedspread, diwan set, cushion covers, pillow covers, rug mats.

  5. Shred It - If the cloth or fabric is too stained or torn to be reused or repurposed, it can still be cut into strips and used to stuff pillows or stuffed animals or used as a cleaning rag. If the stain is chemical-based or a degradable organic substance and can’t be removed, then throw it away.

Let’s start Reuse of old/outgrown/unused clothes/fabric and create a clean and green environment.

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"You mustn’t throw them away.

Let me have them.” ― Diane Samuels, Kindertransport: A Drama


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