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Lets Upcycle Fabric Waste

Recycling is when the fabric / cloth waste is broken back into its original form and used again for production of anything out of the recovered material.India is a country with people of different cultural background and community. Clothing is treated differently in India. Clothing is rarely discarded. Instead, it is frequently reused for both the domestic and global markets. Recycling of textiles was a domestic craft in India but currently there are textile clusters and small scale industries to work on second hand imported clothing and create a range of products like recycled yarns, doormats, prayer rugs, blankets and bed linen which are created out of recycle fabrics.

Upcycling on the other hand is using the discarded cloth / fabric waste in its existing form and making a new product out of the same which has its own use and value. There are lots of Upcycling artists in India currently who make some amazing products out of the same discarded items which has little or no value for the people who trash it.

There are amazing ways to Upcycle fabric waste

  • Wallets / Mobile Covers / Sling Bags - Denims can be used to create amazing wallets and mobile covers which would enhance the life of denim fabric waste use for it

  • Quilt - Old T-shirts can be used and Upcycle into various forms of quilt which can be amazing memories for family to cherish for long and increase the life of discarded t-shirts

  • Curtains - Varios Saree and dupatta can be used to make amazing curtains for our home and it also look stylish and increase the life of discarded saree and dupatta

There are many Upcycling artist in India where you can upcycle your fabrics/clothes into some useful and amazing products. And there are lots of recycling units at large scale in India where clothes are shredded and then go through a process to make yarn/threads. So, now think before throwing your clothes in dustbin. Throwing something away like this generally creates pollution. Instead that can be used in several ways.

If you have up cycling ideas, please share with us at

What we need is Upcycling -

where old products are given more value,

not less

-Reiner Pilz


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