River Ganga Clean-up Drive - One Ghat At A Time

River Ganges Cleanup Drive

Bouddi Solutions along with its local partner and catalyser Y-East have been organising a clean-up and awareness drive at River Ganges every Sunday which started from 1st Sep, 2019.

Lochie Burke (Founder, Bouddi Solutions) is committed to contribute 50% of their profit for cleaning the world major river and they have started with the River Ganges in Kolkata. It is interesting to note that waste pollution in river Ganges is responsible for increase in death numbers of sea creature every year. This initiative would help in stoping the waste in entering the river and saving thousands of sea life.

Pauline Laravoire (Founder, Y-East and Sustainability Director at Techno India Group) sounds positive and hopeful when she said that this clean up drive is not going to end until and unless it makes a sustainable impact around. The plans with the drive are manifolds and it shows in every week determination from the volunteer as well as the local crowd which has been increasing with every passing week.

Lochie Burke & Pauline at Mullick Ghat, Kolkata

Every Sunday the drive is planned around 10:00 AM in the morning. Safety instructions are briefed at the beginning and every one is provided with hand gloves and mask to get into the ghat with all the mud and waste. On an average around 40-50kg of waste are collected every week in jute bags.

Once the waste clean up is done (roughly around 90 minutes), all volunteers forms smaller group of 4-5 members and have one on one discussion with local people around and make them understand about the need of such clean up and active participation of all, to make this drive reach its objective

Volunteer kids with hand gloves and mask ready to clean