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Make a hill or choke a drain! Guess what I' am talking about?

I am sure you spotted the stuff floating like lotus or lily flowers on the water in the flooded street. But, wait! these ones look dirty. These images surface in news, print, and social media. This is no other than our notorious 'Plastic'. Wafer, biscuit packets, plastic bottles, single-use plastics, and more. You name it and it's there.

What happens Next?

Let's call the government for not cleaning the city and for not managing the waste the scientific way. We as organizations and local administration start to put pressure on funds to keep the city clean, more sweepers on the roads to pick our trash and more machinery to manage the garbage we generate. 

But, Who Did This? That's you and me and everyone around using the plastic. Everyone who doesn't adopts segregation of the waste. The one who puts all their plastic waste in one big plastic trash bag and hand over the same to the waste collector every morning.

Are we rising?

Isn't it high time we understand India is one of the most populous country in the world and if people don't engage or contribute to an activity, the government can't pull it off alone.

Shout out to all the people who realize that their hard-earned money is easy to buy the bisleri bottles but not enough to keep the city clean.  What matters is their little bit of effort to segregate waste at the source.

How to we start? A quick guide.

Segregate your 'OWN' waste.

1. Clean all the bottles and recyclable plastics. Keep adding all the discarded brushes, broken plastic containers, and used bottles in a carton box.

2. Roll all the Multi-layered plastics (MLPs) in a bundle and store. Don't throw the chips packet away in the dustbin as soon as you eat it!

3. Put all the batteries, electronic waste and leave them at any collection centre. Check Croma, Reliance, Nokia, Samsung, Mi and other electronic stores in your city. Follow the wlog post by Bharati for details on e-waste

4. Metros are blessed with some good thrash pick up services like kabaddiwala.. etc . to collect your waste. 

5. Small cities still have the raddiwala or kabadiwala visiting every society, apartments and areas for collection of discarded items. You will also fuel their employment along with disposing of your waste properly. 

A learned person will always think of the environment first!

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