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RecycleX : Building Solutions for a Greener World

July 16th , 2021 | Abhishek Chhazed

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Innovative and Sustainable Solution

According to a report, it is estimated that India generates 9.46 million tons of plastic waste, and nearly 40% of this remains uncollected. Plastic waste in Indias and the worlds most formidable environmental challenge today, plastic is one of the biggest threats to humanity today, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse. In India, we have seen that nowadays each and every city has some waste spots, as there is lack of technology and infrastructure for recycling these wastes. With this motive of dealing with this threatening problem, I, Abhishek Chhazed and Vedant Gandhi started their journey of RecycleX.

RecycleX, a Gujarat based startup, formed in 2020,by me and Vedant Gandhi aims to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the global waste pandemic by manufacturing products from different kinds of waste such as plastic and industrial waste as well as construction and demolition waste.

Early in my life, I observed that the plastic waste in India is increasing day by day and is creating a problem to the surroundings and environment. I saw a cow suffering and going dead because of eating plastics. As I have a soft corner for the animals, I used to feel very sad to see animals dying by consuming plastic. Thats when I decided to clean plastic waste, but cleaning does not mean picking from one place to another, we would have to find a solution and then recycling was the first thing in my mind. Initially we started working with recycling of plastic waste, but as the company moved ahead, we observed different types of waste other than plastic such as industrial waste as well as construction and demolition waste which also has no solutions.

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Plant a tree for every product sold

On the other hand, Vedant (founder), after pursuing Masters in Smart city and Sustainable Planning, started working for the United Nations. He says that development projects and the recycling facilities in the UN are so good, they would use their Construction & Demolition waste for re-construction. He thought this is the best time to start in India. We then thought of using waste in eco-friendly products and named it RecycleX, where X is any waste like plastic waste, industrial waste, construction waste, demolition waste, etc. which we use in our products


The company manufactures products like bricks, paver blocks, tiles, planters, benches, kerbstones and many others from waste plastic such as milk pouches, PET bottles etc. The whole manufacturer process is carbon negative and all the products are according to the IS standards, superior quality, eco-friendly, and cheaper than other concrete products. The company has also taken a resolution to Plant a Tree for every product they sell.

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Recycling with EPR Solution

RecycleX has converted around 1,00,000 plastic bottles in the previous year and plans to increase our target in 2021. The company also plans to build EPR solutions where it provides end to end solutions to industries and brands. The dual goal of reducing the waste problem and providing sustainable living has now extended to even villages where the construction material is being used to build toilets and other necessary buildings. Such buildings will provide benefit to communities who have no access to a safe mode of sanitation. This is just the start for the company and the plan is to go across pan India to increase the impact and make India landfill free.

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Accolades for our work

RecycleX has also been selected for Incubation under AIC GUSEC - Atal Incubation Center, Gujarat University and The Incubation Networks Global Innovation Challenge: Future of Flexibles. The company was also chosen as one of the Top 30 Social Innovative Solutions for Youth Co:Lab India 2020. They have also been recognised by Startup India and Swachhalay.

RecycleX has won the circular economy challenge competition (I-ACE Hackathon) and was awarded as India’s SME winner in the plastic waste reduction challenge. Among thousands of applications, RecycleX was the best as they believed in the principle of circular economy and equity. The competition was conducted by the Government of India and the Government of Australia to mitigate the plastic problems in both the countries. The competition was a combined initiative of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison to enhance and boost sustainability in both the countries. The startup was facilitated by Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO at NITI AAYOG.

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