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Waste Unwrap

The Inwaster Podcast

Episode 7 Gratitude to Our Safai Karamcharis

Hey everyone! Welcome to our eighth episode on "Gratitude to Our Safai Karamcharis" as your host Puja unwrap waste, one layer at a time

We are getting closer to the end of the year - can you believe it? And it’s always around this time that I start looking back and thinking of how the year has gone by. And so much has happened in waste management and its impact - these changes bit by bit add up to something larger, you know like a vision of a balanced future - one that thrives with the natural world without choking it. In these moments of reflection, gratitude is something we feel strongly for those who inspire us to stay long in this journey. Because a change in the better direction is a step towards ensuring an equitable future for us all.

So we take this moment to thank our safai karamcharis for doing their part in keeping communities safe during the pandemic. For cleaning our streets when we are asleep. How it ends up by the end of the day is really up to us

In this  episode we share with you

  •  Inspiring stories of our gratitude to our safai karamcharis

  •  latest waste management news and updates

  •  Gratitude to all involved in Waste Management

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So wherever you are in your waste management/zero waste journey - write to us your questions, suggestions and feedback to help us continue informing, inspiring and innovating with our community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waste Unwrap is a production of Inwaster and hosted by Puja Mehta

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