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Waste Unwrap

The Inwaster Podcast

Episode 4 Oceans without Plastic

Hey everyone! Welcome to our fourth episode on "Oceans without Plastic" as your host Puja unwrap waste, one layer at a time

Our past, our present, and whatever remains of our future, absolutely depend on what we do now." .

This big blue marble that we call our home, is blue because of the vast oceans that engulf it. Ponds, lakes, rivers, seas - all these water bodies always find their way to an ocean. And all these water bodies together help in sustaining our marine life and ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the truth of our ocean habitats is that there are huge massive piles of plastic waste just sitting in river banks or floating in the middle of the oceans. Going round and round and round in ocean currents, disintegrating into microplastics and finally, showing up inside all kinds of marine species.

We have solutions that can prevent our consumption from polluting our water bodies, we have real life examples of communities showing up for their beaches and we have simple and sustainable alternatives to help protect our oceans. This episode highlight those stories and solution

In this  episode we share with you

  •  Inspiring stories of saving our Oceans from Plastic Waste

  •  latest waste management news and updates

  •  Knowing about the types of Plastic and its recyclability AND 

  •  The need of following new set of  R's in the 21st Century

Relevant links below 

Note: We do recommend recycling and reusing of all types of plastic wherever possible locally.

So wherever you are in your waste management/zero waste journey - write to us your questions, suggestions and feedback to help us continue informing, inspiring and innovating with our community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waste Unwrap is a production of Inwaster and hosted by Puja Mehta

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