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An Earth Advocate shows us the way towards Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

July 30th , 2021 | Sonya Vajifdar

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Self-Realisation to overcome our issues

I started out as a fashion designer working in Milan , on a vacation home to Mumbai , I made a designer raincoat during monsoon , which by chance got photographed by all the major magazines - just like that the first designer raincoats were in stores in Mumbai and my brand Sonya Vajifdar launched in India in 2009 .

Down the way producing my line I realised how much waste I was creating with plastic raincoats and fabric waste . 

I started a practising a life philosophy (Nicheren Buddhism ) 6 years ago which focuses on the concept of you get what you give - which made me very aware of my choices , in thoughts , words and actions . It eventually led to me constantly trying to change myself for the better and the environment .

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Be aware of waste you generate

It isnt really difficult but it is something you have to consciously do - it doesnt cost anything it can just be to be aware of how you can reuse and repurpose items . Its up to each person though how they can and want to make their lives more sustainable.

I am a firm believer in reusing and mending my clothes ! I make sure my clothes are cared for in a way that they do not fade and last for years , in case I have to buy something it would be carefully picked with the intention that it last long and I can wear it multiple times . I also make sure it is manufactured ethically by the company who produces it . I have made it a habit now to gift plants to people rather than other material things . I also make sure I promote all eco friendly non toxic products on my page , from natural beauty to eco-friendly home products and my latest edition is baby products .


Educating our child is important

The world is rapidly changing every little part played by us now will make a difference. I am also learning everyday from this process and its important for me to do this so I am able to educate my child on the same .

The work I do as an earth advocates is educating  and teaching what I have learnt so far-  in schools , on my social media and blog about how we can create a better future .I have already started trying to pass on whatever I learn to him - I am still learning and researching about how sustainable toys , plant based feeding sets and  kids clothes are helping out planet . I feel its important he realised its all a self learning process and should enjoy living it .

The future generation can change the state of our planet if they adapt these practises into their daily life 

I own a sustainable  fashion brand @sonyavajifdarcreations,Am a course director for sustainable fashion courses in India and UAE , write for international sustainable magazines and my blog on my platform

You can know more about Sonya Vajifdar on her platform Click here

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