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"Tiny Things" in life makes big impact towards environment

August 25th , 2023 | Bhavna

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A Bit about both our bonding

 I was Born and brought up in Delhi. I have worked in the aviation industry as a flight attendant for over 5 years . I have also taught at a kindergarten for more than 3 years. I am a mom to 2 energetic kids Saisha & Saiansh. Becoming a mother I wanted the best for my child and me.This thought started while I was pregnant. 

Our husbands have been friends from kindergarten . Once we moved to Noida 8 years back I met Nandita (Co-founder Tiny Things ) .There was an instant connect! My younger one Saiansh and Nandita's son Abeer are similar age. We would spend time discussing the problems that all moms face of what to do with the stuff that the kids have out grown. How things are so expensive and children outgrow them in size and interest in no time. We would swap toys too. Space crunch issues in flats. All the plastic that we use was another big issue. I am a mother of two so i had double the stuff, double the problem to deal with

That is when when we started re-selling stuff and realised that it was a very unorganised market(groups of Facebook/Marketplaces/Olx etc. and time consuming . Also not very safe . 

Facing all these difficulties in 2020 right when the pandemic hit us and we needed more stuff to entertain and educated and engage our children we created our small community of re-sellers and started our Facebook shop . 

I love Nandita's (Read her journey)energy and her ability to communicate & convince first time users on our platform. She is excellent with managing the sales whereas I look after the procurement /inventory . I enjoyed making sops and guidelines for re-sellers on our platform. We both have strong communication skills that have helped us come this far. I thing we have created a good balance in the business. 


How it all began

I started selling my little ones stuff and it gradually became a hobby.Now I knew what I wanted to use all of my first borns stuff but with changing trends ,lot of new stuff coming to the market, basically with the growing use of internet, information, online educations on benefits of stuff I also wanted to provide the latest /most recent products . But every thing has a price.Knowing how much I will need and how long will use that thing made me think, consider, explore buying from this second hand markets/platforms.I would regularly sell and keep that money aside and buy stuff out of that for my little ones without worrying about the price tag, usability. It was guilt free shopping.In these were informal groups ,market places and platforms like OLX I faced a few difficulties also.,since it was all online people would sometimes send stuff that wasn’t washed, or in condition stated by them while selling.There were continuous follow ups required.It would become time consuming and with two kids difficult as well.

That is when we thought of a business idea where parents could buy and sell their kids stuff hassle free. An end to end solution which is tech savvy and easy.I started engaging with my friends, their friends and family and we started cross selling and buying.I also roped in Nandita  my close friend and co-founder at this stage to sell and buy pre-loved stuff and she instantly feIt a connect and wanted to do something too. We put our heads and hearts together and ADIEURABLE was conceived .



A new name with same emotion and passion

We realised the idea to declutter, reuse and reduce the impact of plastic to fashion waste pollution is what every young parent should think of .We wanted to contribute to a sustainable future ! Have a more sustainable way of consumption . If everyone does their part, no matter how small (recycle clothes/toys/baby gear, use cloth diapers, switch to steel straws, etc) that can make a big difference.

We started our company with the name of Adieurable (Bid adieu to everything adorable and transfer the love ) . Our tag line is Love.Transfer.Repeat
This was not just a name it was something that each mother goes through ,a feeling when she up-cycles her little ones stuff . 
But, we want to reach everyone and our target audience is Tier
1/2/3 so we realised that it would be difficult to remember Adieurable and we came up with Tinythings( easy to spell & remember) . Also once we started connecting with more moms we realised that one small step towards sustainability , re-using and buying used products will make a big difference in the future. 
#tinythingsmakesadifference is what we want to do . 

What makes us different is that we make the buying and selling process simple ,transparent and organised.We give free doorstep pick up(DELHI/NCR Only),as well as free shipping(Pan India) to our shoppers. We also ensure quality control by collecting -inspecting -cleaning and sanitising and then reselling making TinyThings a trusted platform.We want our community to embrace this  new way of shopping for their kids.

The author of the story is Bhavna Dayal, co-founder of TinyThings’ and you can reach out to them at

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