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INWASTER:A Platform to share all about Waste

After self awareness on food waste with solution of composting, the other waste (Dry Waste) started bothering me and I wondered what I can do to reduce the waste that is dumped every day. It is not easy to make people understand about composting. So I started talking about the type of Waste we generate and how most of the waste can either be composted or recycled. I visited many schools and colleges and was really happy when they showed sign of change in their behavior towards waste. I started getting busy with my professional life and my eagerness to do something for the Waste was only getting curbed due to time crunches.

But I did not give up and started to think what else can be done apart from a full time initiative. During this time, I already started collecting plastic containers at my home and every two weeks I would give those to scrap dealers so that it can be recycled. With little time every day I started reading about great work done by various people working in this field and was always inspired to hear their stories. One fine day I decided that it’s time to bring their stories to as many people as I can and make everyone aware how waste can be properly managed and become more aware about the various waste.

I started reading more actively and reaching great people / team for their journey and named our initiative “My Waste My Story” which will make reader aware across the globe about great things happening around. It will also help all of us to learn various facts about waste which might not be known to us. Everyone we have reached have shared their learning very graciously and their support was very enlightening. This platform is our effort to make this journey all the more exciting for every waste enthusiast willing to take part in this green initiative.

It is our belief that these stories would bring about a change in a way people look at waste and they would come up with their great idea of Innovation which will act as Inspiration to all of us and this might Interest every other individual to start doing their bit for Waste they generate.

We hope to bring all positive news about waste for our reader.

“The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.” —John Paul II

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