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"Zero Waste Bazaar" in Kolkata for our "Zero Waste LifeStyle"

Lata Bhatia, Founder - Zero Waste Bazaar

We had a chance to visit "Zero Waste Bazaar last Sunday, 13th October, as the bazaar was formally opened for all environment lover in Kolkata. The founder (Lata Bhatia) of the store was very enthusiastic and eager about her dream venture and that showed in her energy in welcoming all at the venue. Every one in Kolkata was talking problems and this made her determined to work on solution for the past 2 years and here we are with her solution.

"I am extremely happy that I was able to start this store finally

and can be part of providing waste solutions"

- Lata Bhatia

The store has a varied range of cutlery which will acts as a solution to single use plastic that are choking our environment everywhere. It has bottle that can be used to carry our water along with us and refill at various water ATM and there will be no need to buy pet water bottles. Steel Lunch box are a great addition to the store and we can always use these to get our food from home / restaurants instead of disposable containers.

"If you cannot give solution to citizens, they get disheartened eventually,

So, here we are, with the solution"

-Lata Bhatia

Now a days every shopping needs has a plastic tag attached to it and we human has still not learnt to live without it. The store also acts as a one stop solution for all grocery needs without plastic packaging. Though, the number of items are a few to start with, but we were assured that its just the beginning and there are lots coming in the store.

The store also has a section for all reusable diapers (kids & Adult) / sanitary pads needs which will help Kolkata stop huge amount of sanitary waste going to the landfills.

"We have just started with a few items, and there are

a lot coming for Kolkata in the next few weeks"

-Lata Bhatia

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Lata did her schooling from Shri Shikhsa Yatan and graduated from Loreto College in 1980.She also did her TTC from Loreto college and then trained to be a special educator. She has always been socially active, be it in school, college or life. She also runs "Green Legion" which works on educating every one around on the evils of waste and how we can save our environments.

We need more people like Lata to save our environment. She has been doing her bit every day for the past few years and have gone a step ahead with the store to let people of Kolkata shop and consume in an responsible manner. Lets do our bit by moving steps towards a better habits that helps the nature as well as us.

"Lets Keep Our Surrounding Clean

And Make our Environment Green"

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