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Ganpati Bappa in a new 'Avtaar'

After publishing few post on waste management with Inwaster, I was planning to do something more attractive to draw the attention of readers and make this Ganpati Utsav a different one. When I was stuck brainstorming about how to contribute , Chatur bhai called out for waste collection 'kachroo che?' (Do you have the waste bin?). As usual, I replied 'Nathi' (No). He smiled and stated 'saras' (good) and added 'tamara matti na matla jem, hun maati na ganpati lavana chu' (I am going to bring clay Ganesha just like your clay pots'. As he is in awe of the fact that I don't hand him my dustbin often and compost in mitti ka matka.

Ganesha Chaturthi is on its way and we are excited of all the devotion and sweets waiting with bappa. Over the years, people have started preferring attractive idols which are adorned with chemical paints. Our devotion has led to pollution affecting other life on Earth. Wondering HOW? check the little blue box.

With these PoP lord, comes a lot of hoo-haa about immersion in the sea, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Every year after Ganesha Visarjan, water bodies are spotted with debris on the banks. This is the PoP debris which is insoluble in water and leads to a chaotic ecosystem. Environmentalist keep indicating that the PoP is not only bad for marine life but adds to the overall pollution of water bodies and soil.

Definitely, this doesn’t mean we should do away with Ganesha. Rather, we should take indication from nature and opt for Ganesha which are made of environment friendly material. If you are planning for 'Ganesh Sthapna' at your own home, avoid PoP and look for new avtaars. This trending avtaar of Ganeshji is the most ancient avtaar 'clay ganesha'. You can try to search for them locally or over the internet.

I am bringing you some, so you can choose easily and make your festive special without harming the natural resources.


Visarjan can be done at home by immersing in water bucket

  • : 100% Eco-Friendly Ganesh Murti + a small plant, immersion can be done in your garden by dissolving in water


You can do the immersion in garden, plant pot or anything that can hold a plant to grow. Place the Seed Ganapati inside the vessel and pour water on it. Within 30 - 45 mins it will be fully dissolved.

  • Coral tree: Clay ganesha with organic fertiliser and palak seed

  • Guddee: Red soil handcrafted and hand painted by the artisans of Maharashtra, Along with Tulsi seed balls

  • Seed Ganapathy: 100% Sustainable and Eco-friendly product

Available @ Seed Ganapathy

*Disclaimer: Inwaster and the author does not promote any brand and discretion to choose remains with the readers.


"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in"



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