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Make Eco-Friendly Colours at Home with Inwaster!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

With the auspicious festival of Holi knocking the door, everyone is scrambling to make all the necessary preparations. We at Inwaster would like to share our favourite recipes for making homemade organic colours to play with on the festival of colours.

You will need corn starch and arrow root flour, water and blender along with following for pigments:


  1. Boil ingredients of choice in warm water until enough pigment oozes out.

  2. Filter the solution and set aside to cool.

  3. In a bowl, mix corn starch with Arrowroot as per required quantity of powder colours.

  4. Add the pigment solutions and mix till you get paste like consistency.

  5. Let the mixture dry completely and blend once dry

  6. Your all natural and safe homemade colours are ready to play with!

You can use trusted food colours to make pigment solutions however, the Holi colours won’t be purely organic and chemical free after that. To save time check out colours from brands like Phool, Craftizen Foundation*, who boast their colours to be all natural and safe for all skin types.

However you choose to celebrate, be safe and responsible, save water and avoid using hazardous substances like chemical colours, rubber and plastic while you celebrate! May you have a colourful, joyous and waste free Holi!!

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