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Holi: Safe, Happy and Environment loving!

Image Source : Pixabay

Holi is a celebration of freshness of spring and new and good beginnings. However, in recent years this festival of colours, that marks a beautiful ecological change in our nature has become an event harmful for the environment.

Let’s understand ways in which we can enjoy the colourful festival while being kind to mother nature.

Water Matters:

While we celebrate Holi let us not forget most of the major cities in India and around the world are facing acute water scarcity. Nestle has become first company this year to monetize water, and while we discuss how the next world war could be about water rather than oil, let us strive to avoid the waste of water, and consciously use this precious resource while we celebrate the colourful festival. My and future generations will deeply thank you for taking such a small but an important step.

Colours minus the pollution:

Chemical colours harm the environment and poison our skins. Babies should not be exposed to these and animals should be protected from any accidental exposure. Chemical colours pollute our water and soil and may lead to cancers and other disorders eventually. opt for herbal and organic colours instead. There are many artisans who are converting temple flower waste into Eco-friendly colours and helping those waste to be diverted from landfills. Once such organisation is Craftizen Foundation* and its "Petalists" Holi colours is made from temple flower waste and it claim to use less water to clean when compared to regular colour

These colours are also super easy to make and can be made at home. Do read our Wlog Make Eco-Friendly Colours at Home with Inwaster!

Bid Goodbye to monsters of rubber and plastics:

Avoid using plastic water guns that break or go out of style by the time next Holi comes around and the rubber balloons, which break and degrade in the environment. As fun all these are, they are supremely harmful for our environment. Try and avoid single use disposable crockery, cutlery and packaging, instead opt for biodegradable organic ones. Also, parents and grandparents, you will be tempted to buy brightly coloured, fancy, toy water guns for your little ones, but trust me, they would be thankful to you in very near future, if you make the decision of investing in conserving water rather than a single use plastic or rubber toy that will end up poisoning their food and water systems. A variety of eco-friendly alternatives, like bamboo water guns, are available in the market.

Spread smiles and much more:

Lastly, share happiness by sharing your organic and eco-friendly colours. Recycle as much waste produced as you can. Repurpose used flowers for making other useful things. Spread joy and awareness among your friends, family and locality about how to come together and have a safe, water sensitive and waste free Holi.

So, let us come together on this wonderful occasion of Holi and celebrate a new beginning towards our healthy relationship with mother nature and together, bind in happiness under her bright, colourful and warm love!

“Nature has always loved us and taken good care of us and by playing safe Holi, we can return the favours.”

How are you celebrating this festival with our beloved nature?

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