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Why let your waste go out during lockdown?

Stay Safe during lockdown

Chatur bhai was here at sharp 11 A.M. He wasn’t inside his home in the lockdown.

When I inquired he told me about how the society manger started calling him after his absence during initial days of lockdown. He said "Yesterday, I boarded a milk truck back to my home and walked more than half of the distance. Let's see what happens today".

His work is to gather all the waste generated by privileged ‘Us’.

Waste management is an essential operation. Rag pickers, waste collectors and people working for waste management don't have the privilege to work from home. They move from one home to another, from one society to their homes, travelling to work in public transport, contacting so many people in between. That’s not social distancing and that’s not safe either. They are exposing themselves for the waste we generated being safe during the lockdown.

Inside our homes, we have been busy debating about what’s right or wrong to do by the people, checking on news every now and then. In this moment, let’s take a minute and think!

Waste segregation

‘Is there any way I can impact someone’s work and help him/her stay safe during the lockdown!’

Yes. You can. Only two things required:

1) Start segregating your waste

2) Start composting

waste seggregation into dry waste and wet waste

Let’s check the facts:

Dry Waste: The dry waste generated at our homes can be stored for long in plastic bags or in dustbins. It does not stink or rot. it comprises of plastic bottles, plastic packaging, medicine wrap, food wrappers, aluminium foils, glass, e waste, papers etc.

Wet Waste: 60-70% of our daily waste is wet organic. It is the wet waste from kitchen. This waste can be composted at home using simple DIY method, check wlog2 for what all is required to compost at home. Composting only requires: a matka or a plastic bucket, dry leaves from garden, kitchen waste

Do it yourself composting with a matka or plastic bucket

Just opting for these two we can tackle our waste and need not empty our dustbins every day.

If we start managing our kitchen waste in our garden/home, then people like Chatur bhai need not come to our society and can stay safe at their home like we are.

For process of composting, check out the wlog2 and wlog3. All aspects are covered to make your work easier and healthier for our waste management community.

Let’s show our Gratitude by taking a positive step today!

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