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Food Waste On The Menu?

I was hanging out with group of friends who have heavily impressed me with their high qualifications, an awesomely paying job and lavish living. For me they became the perfect blend of work and fun and how one can smoothly juggle between both. So, talking about meeting friends, a get together is never complete without food and thanks to Swiggy and Zomato, we ordered online from the long menu for home delivery. And as money wasn’t big of a deal, multiple orders were placed honouring everyone’s choice.

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We ate, laughed, talked, and enjoyed our time. It was time to call it a night by clearing the space. In the end, all the leftover food along with aluminium and plastic packaging went into a polythene bag and kept near the dustbin to be given away the next morning.

At this particular point, I realized if the food is stored in the fridge can be consumed the other day. But, why isn’t it happening that way?

Why is it packed along with trash?

People around me couldn’t value their hard-earned money and moreover couldn’t respect the food. It was way too inconvenient for them to put a few minutes to store the leftover.

Education or high paying jobs increased affordability and consumption but couldn’t teach how huge amount of resources went to produce and serve that food in the plates. The status of being awesomely ‘cool’ flawed while exposing how ‘little efforts’ were valued more than the food wastage. Finally, all the learning, teachings, degrees, certificates, appreciations and achievements accumulated in landfills emitting methane harming the environment. Well, we haven't talked about the carbon footprint yet!

"Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry"

-Pope Francis

This happens with you too? Think aloud!! Are there any other easy option you could opt for to balance your action?? Stay tuned for the next wlog to learn simple tips to stop generating the food waste.


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