Kitchen Waste Composting : Just a click away

Image Source : Pixabay

In our super busy life loaded with work and number of chores, we totally overlook the environment and how our actions impact it in a certain way. Just to keep a check on things which we can control, kitchen waste composting becomes a solution to the increasing waste problem generated at individual and institutional level. In my previous wlogs, I mentioned about DIY composting at home for kitchen waste (wlog3) and gave few alternates to earthen pots (wlog2).

Why Earthen Pots are used for Composting?

With numerous of microscopic holes earthen pots ensures adequate aeration inside. Hence there is no emission of foul smell, making it the easiest, cheapest, safest and efficient way of composting your kitchen discards.

No ‘Mithi Ka Matka’: Not a Problem

But, what If there is no earthen pot nearby? Follow #wlog2 and #wlog3 to check how to use plastic containers for home composting. Availability and modifying of composting container should not weaken your decision to start composting. As choices are not limited for humans, this wlog explores more about available options in Indian market for home composting.

Let’s get you to shop online. Yes, composters are available online just like your favorite dresses on Myntra or any other grocery items on amazon.

Apps aren’t only for consumerism!

Few added sustainable products for saving the world

Sit back in your couch, open your apps, search composters and here you go with list of composting units available in India. But, so many options again and I am sure it will be confusing just like how to pick up a black dress or white shirt from hundreds of options. Let’s talk about the features of few of the effective home composting units available online:


The kitchen waste is added in the bin and compost maker/remix powder is spread over the layers. Once the bin is full, it takes 15 days to ferment the waste. After that, shift the fermented waste into another container for curing. After 15 days, the compost is ready to be used. Check out this in a 2 minute video