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‘आत्म-निर्भर बनो’ – Take care of your own waste!

Final product of the process: compost!

My first wlog1 was all about why I started composting and thereafter I have been pretty technical sharing my own experience of composting in wlog3, how I did it and how you can do it in wlog2.

Dried and crushed leaves used for mulching tomato plant in my garden

As a beginner, I was successful at managing 100% kitchen waste at my home. Dry waste from my garden was also utilized in the process but some of it had to be thrown away. I came to know that the collected garden waste from the society is gathered on roadside and is burnt. This was the time when I affirmed to manage my dry garden waste also. I started collecting and drying up the garden waste (leaves, flowers). Some of it was used in the compost in form of dry waste and rest was stored in a plastic bin. I crushed the leaves so more can be stored in less space. This is used for mulching the plants. Mulching (cover the soil with crushed dried leaves) helps soil retain moisture and hence plants requires less watering.

This environment day when organisations were busy conducting webinar to sensitize people, people sharing their environment day activities and photographs, I thought to clutter it with my own kitchen waste composting experience. With my first compost, I was affirmed for doing it forever. I realized there are so many things which can be regulated on our own without depending on the others (individuals/government/organisations). I contributed in a minuscule way to the roadside waste problem or landfill space problem by taking care of my kitchen waste and garden waste. Considering the magnitude of the problem, it asks more people to contribute. People crib about waste heaps in city and improper management of waste by authorities. But, what if they are told it can be sorted on their own? I am not sure how many of them will be ready to put some extra effort in being accountable for their own waste.

"Each and Everyone of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution"

The lockdown has taught us new stuff, things which we won't think of doing in our dreams. The hectic run to the office were now limited to con calls. The one who never cooked have learnt all about the spices and can identify different dals in the kitchen. The one who never made their bed ended up cleaning the house and dishes for the family. We all went आत्म-निर्भर in our own ways! Everyone did the roles as per the time demanded. So, isn't our environment demanding something more from us or are we waiting for some external force to force us start managing our own waste? It is no herculean task but requires a small setup.

The desperate time of Covid19, when many societies and homes faced waste collection problem, I was ‘Atmanirbhar’ and managed my waste. The self accountability of waste wasn't a big deal and it was definitely not a big task in front of the lives of waste workers working around the clock for the mess we created. It's not only about tackling your waste but a lot more.

Lets be आत्म-निर्भर to manage what we created - waste!


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