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Words of Wisdom on Waste

Year 2019 has been an amazing year for us as we got opportunity to share some amazing stories lived by some amazing waste enthusiast.

As we close the year 2019, we bring you some great words of wisdom on waste from our #Wastepreneur, #WasteVolunteer, #WasteCrusader, #WasteMessenger, #WasteGlobal as they shared their amazing journey on our platform. We loved reading their wstory and believe you also had inspiring times doing so.

Do let us know your favourite one for wisdom on waste at

"If we love our kids, then we will know that we must allow them the opportunity to re-imagine their relationship with the earth, or we would have lost something of great value".

- Poonam Bir Kasturi

Read her #WStory

"Simple choices in the day to day living can have a cascading and lasting impact that can offer a live-able planet for the future generations".

-Shailaja Rangarajan

Read her #WStory

"I wanted to make it easy and accessible for other people looking to consume more mindfully and to encourage others to produce less waste".

- Sahar Mansoor

Read her #WStory

"To realise the dream of Swachh Bharat WE are important. But it has to start with I. I will Initiate and create India of my dreams".

-Puneet Sharma

Read his #WStory

"One of the key lessons I have learned throughout my journey is to start small and be patient. I believe social and environmental awareness should be deeply included into our education systems".

- Pauline Laravoire

Read her #WStory

"I believe in the permaculture principle of taking only what we need and sharing what we have in excess".

-Claire Rao

Read her #WStory

"I look forward to each day and sleep each night with the satisfaction that every poster I make, every session I take and every product I sell, has a huge and lasting impact on the landfill, on people's health and on people's livelihood".

- Smita Kulkarni

Read her #WStory

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