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January 7, 2020



In our super busy life loaded with work and number of chores, we totally overlook the environment and how our actions impact it in a certain way. Just to keep a check on things which we can control, kitchen waste composting becomes a solution to the increasing waste problem generated at individual and institutional level. In my previous wlogs, I mentioned about DIY composting at home for kitchen waste (wlog3) and gave few alternates to earthen pots (wlog2).  




 Why Earthen Pots are used for Composting?

With numerous of microscopic holes earthen pots ensures adequate aeration inside. Hence there is no emission of foul smell, making it the easiest, cheapest, safest and efficient way of composting your kitchen discards.  


No ‘Mithi Ka Matka’: Not a Problem

But, what If there is no earthen pot nearby? Follow #wlog2 and #wlog3 to check how to use plastic containers for home composting. Availability and modifying of composting container should not weaken your decision to start composting. As choices are not limited for humans, this wlog explores more about available options in Indian market for home composting. 






Let’s get you to shop online. Yes, composters are available online just like your favorite dresses on Myntra or any other grocery items on amazon. 



Apps aren’t only for consumerism! 

Few added sustainable products for saving the world

Sit back in your couch, open your apps, search composters and here you go with list of composting units available in India. But, so many options again and I am sure it will be confusing just like how to pick up a black dress or white shirt from hundreds of options. Let’s talk about the features of few of the effective home composting units available online:




The kitchen waste is added in the bin and compost maker/remix powder is spread over the layers. Once the bin is full, it takes 15 days to ferment the waste. After that, shift the fermented waste into another container for curing. After 15 days, the compost is ready to be used. Check out this in a 2 minute video



Benefits: It can be kept indoors. No foul smell.  It does not attract flies or insects. Leachate won’t ooze out and can be collected only after opening the tap.

Capacity: With daily waste up to 500 grams. It will take a month to fill up. 

Price Point:  Rs 1,720

Availability : Amazon

Suitable for: Household not having garden waste and outdoor spaces, Elderly people and who are not looking forward to turn the waste pile regularly, 

Convenience of setup:  The package comprises of 2 Compost Bin ( 14 liters), 2 Filters - so that leachate percolates at the bottom of the bin , 2 Compost maker packets of 500 grams, Instruction manual. 

Similar Products: Thrivearth Eco bin, CompoWiz etc are all plastic composters





It is one of the simplest methods of composting. It doesn’t require any mixing, turning or shifting. Every day add kitchen waste to the bin and sprinkle compost maker block powder. That's it. Can take vegetable/fruit peels, leftover food, eggs, non-veg, pooja flowers, garden waste and all other forms of organic waste. No Smell, No flies. Check out this in a 2 minute video 



Stonesoup has a community composter ‘Aaditi’ available in different sizes up to capacity of 1100 litres.


Benefits: It can be kept indoors. No foul smell.  It does not attract flies or insects. No Leachate

Capacity:  20 litre. It will take a month to fill up.

Price Point:  Rs 999

Availability:  Stonesoup,  Amazon

Suitable for: Household not having garden waste and outdoor spaces, apartments and flats, space constraints,  Elderly people and who are not looking forward to turn the waste pile regularly

Convenience of setup:  The package comprises of 1 Compost Bin ( 20  litres), 1 Compost maker brick of 900 grams, Instruction manual.

Requirement: At least 2 units required. Once one unit is completely filled, it has to be kept aside for 4 weeks.








It is investment for something permanent. Shifting houses is no problem as it is a easily portable. Capacity is 120 litres of both the drums i.e each drum volume is 60 litres. When one drum is full, it can be kept closed till the compost is ready and second drum can be used. Watch this 4 minute video where compost Queen Vani Murthy shares her experience: 




Benefits: It can deal with garden waste. No foul smell. Leachate won’t ooze out and the moisture level can be controlled.

Capacity: With daily waste up to 1 Kg, It will take 2 month to fill up. 

Price Point :  Around 6k-8.5k

Availability : Amazon, Directly from Spinform Plastics Pvt Ltd

Suitable for:  Outdoor/terrace/garden spaces, large families (4 or more than 4 members), availability of green waste

Convenience of setup:  It is easy to set structure. All the required components come with the package along with the starter kit. 





The products offered by daily dump are terracotta or plastic bin composters which fit into tight spaces. The models have been made keeping in mind the waste generated with particular family sizes. Also, there are options available for community composting with products like ‘Aaga’ which takes up to 225 kgs of waste per month. The individual home composting units fit snugly into one another and save on space. You do not need to stir daily if you are using Remix Powder. 

You can check ‘Daily Dump’ link for options which suits you the best.



Benefits: No foul smell.  Leachate won’t ooze out and the moisture level can be controlled, No mixing required with use of remix powder

Capacity: Multiple capacities available depending on family size (1 to number of members)

Price Point:  Rs 600- Rs 2700

Availability: Online, stores located in selected cities

Pros: Can be kept outdoors as well as indoors, No mixing required, no foul smell, no flies 

Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor/terrace/garden, small to large families, no availability of dry waste

Note: A quick comparison of the available products for home composting is provided below for your convenience.


What are you waiting for ?


Now you know all about why kitchen waste composting is need of the hour, the process of composting and availability of composting products in India. By managing your kitchen waste at home you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 


Being internet savvy, show some online shopping skills. Grab your phones, check various home composters and order now to get you set on the composting trail!!! 

Happy Composting! 


If you are still stuck somewhere and have question around composting, feel free to share with us at and we will be happy to help you



Disclaimer: The sole purpose of the above wlog is to promote composting among us. It present the readers with a few composters available in the market   


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